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Monthly Meetings

Trefoil Guild members attend monthly meetings, which have a programme that each individual Guild's Committee plans. The content varies according to the interests and preferences of the individual Guild, as well as the needs of the local active Guiding community, but the programme always includes a broad range of active and leisurely pursuits. These might include walking, music, photography, golf, handcrafts, charity auctions, and much more.

The members usually wish to support active Guiding in various ways, such as providing catering for meetings of the Executive Committee at the National Office, assistance with programme planning meetings, backup to Guiding units in the form of emergency cover when leaders are sick or otherwise unavailable, badge testing, craft demonstrations, and help with fundraising. The members also provide leadership and auxillary care, such as the recent Care Bears initiative at Campa Le Cheile.

The members have opportunities to join with other members of the Guiding communities and carry the spirit of Guiding into the community and further afield. This often involves national and international travel -- see the International Fellowship section below for more information.

International Fellowship

Each Guild has national and international connections, and many individual members and Guilds undertake travel at home and abroad as part of their activities. All Trefoil Guild members who have made the Promise are members of the Irish Girl Guides and thus of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

Each member is associated with former Guides and Scouts worldwide, as part of the International Scout and Guide Fellowship, and can attend the annual conference.

Each Guild is twinned with a Guild in Northern Ireland, and often with a Guild in another country. Guilds try to meet up regularly with their twinned Guild when and where possible.

Trefoil Guild Members on the move!

Visit the Travel page for a sampling of the national and international travels of Trefoil Guild members.