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Chairperson Q&A

Addy Patterson, National Chairperson of the Irish Trefoil Guild

Addy Patterson, National Chairperson of the Irish Trefoil Guild was interviewed by the Irish Girl Guide newsletter...

Q: How did you get involved with Guiding?

A: I was a Guide when I was younger. Then later, it wasn't until my own daughter wanted to be a Guide, and the leader of the local company couldn't take her because she had no assistant leader, that I was "encouraged" into getting involved with Guiding as an adult! Since then, I've been an assistant leader, a leader, a District Commissioner, an Area Commissioner, an Outdoor Adviser, and now I'm Chairperson of the Trefoil Guild.

Q: What are your plans for the Trefoil Guild for the future?

A: To promote the Trefoil Guild to all former members of Guiding, and so increase our membership. All former Guides and Guiders should have the opportunity to learn new skills and enjoy the companionship of the Trefoil Guild.

Q: Tell us one amazing, surprising fact about yourself!

A: I am an archer, and I teach others this ancient and lethal weapon training. I am also a Church of Ireland lay minister, commissioned to preach and to carry out a variety of church services, including funerals. So I can kill you and then I can bury you!