Welcome. With your help, we aim to raise awareness and funds to Save Saint Columba's Church in Swords, Ireland.

This Georgian building is the focus of a site where there's been Christian worship and witness for more than fifteen centuries. The complex includes a Medieval bell tower and a round tower that dates back more than a thousand years to the monastery that Saint Columba founded here circa 550 AD. Ireland's greatest High King, Brian Boru, was waked here after his death at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014.

Saint Columba's Church View of the chancel Fingal Choir rehearse in the church Looking heavenwards A photograph by Lynda Forsyth

Due to devastating structural damage, this beautiful building has had to be closed until the funds are found to repair it. A heavy blow to the parishioners, who've lost their spiritual home, and to the entire local community, who've lost a wonderful facility and inspiring resource. Your help now will preserve this landmark church through the 21st century and into the distant future, so please donate and help us make history!