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Christmas Card Services

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for many people, but it can also be one of the most stressful. A part of that stress can be the pressure of getting the year's quota of Christmas cards written, addressed, stamped, and sent off - not to mention braving the long queues at the post office!

Now Star Mail Services have two seasonal options that may assist you. Take your pick from The Seasonal Special or The Full Festive Service.

The Seasonal Special

If you are from Ireland and/or have many friends and family members here, the Seasonal Special may be useful to you. Here's how it works: you write and address all your Christmas cards as normal, but don't stamp them. Then place all the addressed cards in a large envelope. Put the Star Mail Services postal address on it, and mail it to us. We will open the large envelope, calculate the postage (at cost) and the handling fee for the consignment, and email you an invoice. Once you send us the appropriate payment, we will hot-foot it to the post office, stamp your cards, and see them off on their Yuletide journey.

Apart from saving time and effort, this option can often be a significant saving on the cost of sending each card individually to Ireland from overseas. Read more details about this service and, if you wish, apply.

The Full Festive Service

The Full Festive Service is quite like having your own private secretary! Here's how it works: Send us your Christmas Card list, complete with the name and address of each intended recipient, and in your email, specify a card style from our selection, and tell us a greeting to be written in each card. We will then contact you with an invoice showing the charge for the number of Christmas Cards you require (at cost), plus the postage charge (at cost), plus the handling fee. Once you send us the appropriate payment, our resident scribe will write your chosen greeting in each card, address and seal each envelope, and transport the now fully completed Christmas cards to the post office for stamping and dispatch to their destinations.

This option takes all the work out of sending festive greetings. And in the spirit of the season, every card we send on your behalf benefits Oxfam, an excellent charity which works to end poverty and injustice. If you like, you can even select to include an Oxfam Unwrapped sponsored gift in one or more of your Christmas Cards.

Read more details and a step-by-step description of this service and if you wish, apply.

Bear in mind the posting dates for Christmas.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.